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Topher Dimaggio and Travis Irons

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When it comes to stats and the numerical data, Topher Dimaggio and Travis Irons are fairly evenly matched. They have both made around the same amount of movies for and have similar physical attributes. In short, they are almost the spit of each other in a physical sense. This is why it is interesting to place them both in a physical scene together and see what becomes of it. This is what we have here with caught snooping, a stand alone movie from Drill My Hole. It is a captivating tale, which is full of bedroom action and rampant sex. Sounds like just the ticket to jack of to then.

It is interesting that it is set in a classroom or at least what looks like one. It could be an office or something like that but it doesn’t really matter as long as we get to see some hardcore action. Travis is in the room looking shifty, as well he may. He is trying to find the answers to an important test which is coming up. However, what Travis did not reckon for was the shape of the big, burly teacher/instructor Topher Dimaggio who discovers him snooping around. Topher Dimaggio is adorned in a smart suit and tie and looks the business as he grapples with Travis who reveals the truth under duress that he was looking for the test results. Travis must have been expecting the worse, but what happens next is quite extraordinary.

It seems to be that unless Travis engages in some sexual intercourse with his teacher, he is going to get a red mark next to his name. This paves the way for Travis sucking Topher Dimaggio off really hard, presumably thinking about the test which he does not want to fail. This desperation almost leads to a kind of passion in a funny way. Travis is sprawled over the desk and his mouth is drilled from above in a quite awe-inspiring sexual scene. Travis is penetrated deep from behind as the guys really do get down to some hardcore action which leaves them almost breathless.

The scene goes on quite a long time, with just seven minutes of foreplay before the real action starts. These guys know how to draw out a heady anal scene and give it plenty of passion. It is hard to control your own desires as Topher Dimaggio becomes addicted to slamming Travis’ ass and really gets knee deep in him. Ironically, there is still no guarantee that Travis is going to pass this important test.

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