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The Gay Office offers up some of the best porn models, dressed to please in their suits and ties. Working in a large office environment, these guys are the best at fulfilling our every fantasy. The opening scene of In The Doghouse begins when the boss comes in all upset over a major screw up of a job by two of the workers. The blame game begins as these two guys begin blaming the other for the screw-up. The boss then calls both these guys into his office, and they know they are seriously in the doghouse when they get there. Suddenly the boss is called out of this meeting and our two hunks are left alone. What should they do for the next half hour?

Brit, Topher Dimaggio, brown hair, inked skin, stares at the black haired, blue eyed, Jay Roberts. Although our hunks start out disliking each other, and keep blaming the other, things soon take a completely different turn. Topher Dimaggio reaches across and lightly touches Jay’s ass through the tight, black pants he is wearing. Within minutes these two have locked lips and are undressing. Great views as they strip down to their birthday suits.

However, this strip tease lasts a long, long time. It takes them around seven minutes to even get around to showing us any dick. Then we are treated to Jay’s eight inch dick and his nicely trimmed bush. Topher Dimaggio goes right down on Jay’s dick, and from the sounds of it, Jay is happy with the service. While busy giving the blowjob, Topher Dimaggio releases his own eight and a half in cock. For the next few minutes our guys are kept busy giving each other blowjobs, licking nuts, deep throating each other, and getting themselves all hot and horny for the finale.

Topher Dimaggio is bent over the table and Jay pays close attention to giving him a great ass rimming. Then he dives right in with his massive cock. Topher Dimaggio loves cock deep in his ass, so sits on Jay’s dick and pushes hard until he gets every inch of the monster deep inside him. Topher Dimaggio is then laying on his back as Jay drills him harder and faster; Topher Dimaggio jerks himself off as fast and as furious as he is being drilled. Finally, Jay pulls out and squirts loads of jizz all over Topher Dimaggio’s tattooed skin.

There’s a great little moment at the end of the video. However, I am not going to reveal this little bit of information… you will just have to watch In the Doghouse for yourself. get more information here

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