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High Quality Gay Pornstar Topher DiMaggio in action

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When it comes to the best high-quality porn, the videos at Drill My Hole are always produced using high standards and it shows in their films. The scenes typically have a gentle buildup of erotica before the hard-core scenes start. In this scene, a newcomer to acting and, hard-bodied Cole gets schooled by the more experienced and older Topher Dimaggio. The video begins when Cole shows up to the studio on time and ready to film his spot – only to learn that he isn’t needed because they already got the shot from someone else.
Cole gets upset and complains to Topher that he should still be paid his salary, even though he wasn’t needed. This is when Topher places a firm and hard kiss on Cole’s mouth and then says, “if you want your money, then you’re gonna have to do something for it.” Cole is surprised at the statement, but quickly realizes that this is what his photo shoot would have involved anyway.
Topher quickly becomes forceful and aggressive with Cole, forcing him onto his knees, bossing him around, pumping his hard cock in and out of his mouth, and slapping his face with it too. Cole becomes very submissive and replies “yes sir” to Topher’s every request, including tonguing his asshole and sucking his balls. When Dimaggio wants his cock up Coles tight young ass, he bends him over the office desk, spits on his stiff cock and slides it up his ass. After his ass loosens up, Cole begins moaning in ecstasy ass his asshole is filled to the brink. Topher continues to use Cole for his every desire, sitting on his face while playing with his cock and balls.

The two eventually end up on the floor, with Topher stroking the young Cole’s cock until it explodes all over his warm and waiting mouth. After swallowing the salty load, Topher rams his hard cock into Cole’s throat und pumps it until he fills it full of his own hot cum-load. This is one of those films that will cause you to let out a long ‘phew’ when it’s all over. The guys at Drill My Hole have done it again, and the sequel will be another must-see thriller.

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June 4th, 2014 at 10:06 am