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Topher Dimaggio and Travis Irons

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When it comes to stats and the numerical data, Topher Dimaggio and Travis Irons are fairly evenly matched. They have both made around the same amount of movies for and have similar physical attributes. In short, they are almost the spit of each other in a physical sense. This is why it is interesting to place them both in a physical scene together and see what becomes of it. This is what we have here with caught snooping, a stand alone movie from Drill My Hole. It is a captivating tale, which is full of bedroom action and rampant sex. Sounds like just the ticket to jack of to then.

It is interesting that it is set in a classroom or at least what looks like one. It could be an office or something like that but it doesn’t really matter as long as we get to see some hardcore action. Travis is in the room looking shifty, as well he may. He is trying to find the answers to an important test which is coming up. However, what Travis did not reckon for was the shape of the big, burly teacher/instructor Topher Dimaggio who discovers him snooping around. Topher Dimaggio is adorned in a smart suit and tie and looks the business as he grapples with Travis who reveals the truth under duress that he was looking for the test results. Travis must have been expecting the worse, but what happens next is quite extraordinary.

It seems to be that unless Travis engages in some sexual intercourse with his teacher, he is going to get a red mark next to his name. This paves the way for Travis sucking Topher Dimaggio off really hard, presumably thinking about the test which he does not want to fail. This desperation almost leads to a kind of passion in a funny way. Travis is sprawled over the desk and his mouth is drilled from above in a quite awe-inspiring sexual scene. Travis is penetrated deep from behind as the guys really do get down to some hardcore action which leaves them almost breathless.

The scene goes on quite a long time, with just seven minutes of foreplay before the real action starts. These guys know how to draw out a heady anal scene and give it plenty of passion. It is hard to control your own desires as Topher Dimaggio becomes addicted to slamming Travis’ ass and really gets knee deep in him. Ironically, there is still no guarantee that Travis is going to pass this important test.

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The crasy dude Topher Dimaggio is at The Gay Office

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The Gay Office offers up some of the best porn models, dressed to please in their suits and ties. Working in a large office environment, these guys are the best at fulfilling our every fantasy. The opening scene of In The Doghouse begins when the boss comes in all upset over a major screw up of a job by two of the workers. The blame game begins as these two guys begin blaming the other for the screw-up. The boss then calls both these guys into his office, and they know they are seriously in the doghouse when they get there. Suddenly the boss is called out of this meeting and our two hunks are left alone. What should they do for the next half hour?

Brit, Topher Dimaggio, brown hair, inked skin, stares at the black haired, blue eyed, Jay Roberts. Although our hunks start out disliking each other, and keep blaming the other, things soon take a completely different turn. Topher Dimaggio reaches across and lightly touches Jay’s ass through the tight, black pants he is wearing. Within minutes these two have locked lips and are undressing. Great views as they strip down to their birthday suits.

However, this strip tease lasts a long, long time. It takes them around seven minutes to even get around to showing us any dick. Then we are treated to Jay’s eight inch dick and his nicely trimmed bush. Topher Dimaggio goes right down on Jay’s dick, and from the sounds of it, Jay is happy with the service. While busy giving the blowjob, Topher Dimaggio releases his own eight and a half in cock. For the next few minutes our guys are kept busy giving each other blowjobs, licking nuts, deep throating each other, and getting themselves all hot and horny for the finale.

Topher Dimaggio is bent over the table and Jay pays close attention to giving him a great ass rimming. Then he dives right in with his massive cock. Topher Dimaggio loves cock deep in his ass, so sits on Jay’s dick and pushes hard until he gets every inch of the monster deep inside him. Topher Dimaggio is then laying on his back as Jay drills him harder and faster; Topher Dimaggio jerks himself off as fast and as furious as he is being drilled. Finally, Jay pulls out and squirts loads of jizz all over Topher Dimaggio’s tattooed skin.

There’s a great little moment at the end of the video. However, I am not going to reveal this little bit of information… you will just have to watch In the Doghouse for yourself. get more information here

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High Quality Gay Pornstar Topher DiMaggio in action

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When it comes to the best high-quality porn, the videos at Drill My Hole are always produced using high standards and it shows in their films. The scenes typically have a gentle buildup of erotica before the hard-core scenes start. In this scene, a newcomer to acting and, hard-bodied Cole gets schooled by the more experienced and older Topher Dimaggio. The video begins when Cole shows up to the studio on time and ready to film his spot – only to learn that he isn’t needed because they already got the shot from someone else.
Cole gets upset and complains to Topher that he should still be paid his salary, even though he wasn’t needed. This is when Topher places a firm and hard kiss on Cole’s mouth and then says, “if you want your money, then you’re gonna have to do something for it.” Cole is surprised at the statement, but quickly realizes that this is what his photo shoot would have involved anyway.
Topher quickly becomes forceful and aggressive with Cole, forcing him onto his knees, bossing him around, pumping his hard cock in and out of his mouth, and slapping his face with it too. Cole becomes very submissive and replies “yes sir” to Topher’s every request, including tonguing his asshole and sucking his balls. When Dimaggio wants his cock up Coles tight young ass, he bends him over the office desk, spits on his stiff cock and slides it up his ass. After his ass loosens up, Cole begins moaning in ecstasy ass his asshole is filled to the brink. Topher continues to use Cole for his every desire, sitting on his face while playing with his cock and balls.

The two eventually end up on the floor, with Topher stroking the young Cole’s cock until it explodes all over his warm and waiting mouth. After swallowing the salty load, Topher rams his hard cock into Cole’s throat und pumps it until he fills it full of his own hot cum-load. This is one of those films that will cause you to let out a long ‘phew’ when it’s all over. The guys at Drill My Hole have done it again, and the sequel will be another must-see thriller.

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Online Gay Videos with hot porn stars

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Phenix can’t take his eyes off of Landon’s ass as it goes up and down as he slowly grinds his hips into the hard couch. Phenix is so excited he tells Landon to sit down on his gay cock so that he can fuck his tight man crack. Once again, Phenix Saint can’t believe how good it is to fuck a tight man hole and is soon groaning out with pleasure as Landon bounces up and down on his over rampant dick.
Landon Mycles cries out as Phenix’s big hard cock almost rips his asshole apart as it drives into him and stretches his hole to the limit. With a final howl of extreme pleasure both Landon and Phenix spill their boiling hot cum over Landon’s fucked body.
Landon has managed to get the prise down of his new kitchen, and no doubt Landon will manage to get it knocked down even more by the time the kitchen is finished.
Landon Mycles is super sexy and has seductive blue eyes and short cropped blonde hair. He is a versatile bottom with a smooth hard chest and a six inch cut cock. Landon Mycles has been in the porn world for a few years now, but only joined Men in September 2015, but so far, he has already starred in popular hardcore movies like, ‘Lustful, Stealth Fuckers Part 3 and 6,’ ‘A Guide To Sex In Prison Part 1,’ and ‘My Two Gay Sons Parts 1 and 3’, just to name a few to get you started.
Phenix Saint is a five feet eleven inch hunk full of muscle and has a few tattoos on his smooth sexy body. Phenix is twenty seven and he comes from California where he first started in the online porn world as a driver for escorts and strippers, and then eventually moved on to straight porn, and then gay porn which he loves to do, and has starred in fifty eight hardcore online gay videos with Men. Phenix loves to top a guy’s tight asshole with his seven inch cut dick on and off screen. He has jet black hair and smouldering brown eyes that will easily seduce you.

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